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Reviews and Testimonials

Don't just take my word for it, read what my previous and current clients are saying!

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"I am training with Estelle right now during times of COVID and can’t say enough positive things about her program. She always caters it to requests and injuries, is enthusiastic and makes sure you work hard for the hour. Would highly recommend."

Chelsea, 41, Geneva

"Estelle is a brilliant personal trainer! From the moment that she arrives she energises the atmosphere and radiates a genuinely infectious enthusiasm! She is a breath of fresh air - it’s a game changer that she has a sharp sense of humour as well. Estelle knows that I am a reluctant trainee and so she motivates me and can get me to hang on until the end of each session."

Nicholas, 63, Nyon
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"Estelle is the most passionate personal trainer I have ever met! She cares very much about understanding her clients’ needs and expectations and is full of positive energy and words of encouragement! She motivates me very much and gives me constant support. What impressed me the most is that before starting the personal training sessions, she asked me to fill in a form with everything I like and expect from our journey together and everything, literally EVERYTHING became reality! Today I’m super excited as we’ve just started our boxing sessions and I was impressed with Estelle’s knowledge and her passion in teaching me and making me feel great during our session. I can’t wait for the next ones! I’ve asked her to take a picture to celebrate this and if you’re looking for a personal trainer in Geneva, I strongly encourage you to contact Estelle! She will help you make your goals really happen despite this challenging situation we are all going through at the moment! She definitely made me enjoy every personal training session Big THANK YOU Estelle for everything you do!"
Monica, 28, Geneva

"Thanks to Estelle I improved my strength and body composition tremendously over the last four months ; the training sessions allow me to start the day on the right foot. Her teaching is inspiring and intuitive. I would unhesitatingly recommend her, especially in the current climate where it is so hard to remain self motivated and not let yourself go. Her energy and enthusiasm are definitely helping me to stay on track!"

Mark, 57, Geneva
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"I trained with Estelle for several months and can't say enough good things about her. She always greeted me with a smile and was full of enthusiasm and encouragement for every workout. It was also very obvious that she knew exactly what she was doing regarding form and alignment and she always made corrections with grace and kindness"

Natalie, 38, Sydney

"Estelle is the most passionate, inspiring and educated PT I have ever trained with. She has a deep knowledge and understanding of all her clients, and ensures that her training programs are targetted to the exact needs of the individual. She introduced me to functional training, which I found to be VERY beneficial. Even though I lived in a rural area, she provided the exact guidance I needed, coupled with some sharp banter, a game at which I never won!"

Steve, 52, Rural Australia
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"Estelle is the craziest energy ball in the world! Her enthusiasm for life is so infectious, so even if you are not interested in fitness or well-being, hanging out with her will change your mood, attitude and life. Estelle takes the exercise out of the gym to every aspect of life from simply commuting to work or events, active hobbies and enjoying the great outdoors. She will find a way for everyone to fall in love with their healthy self"

Stanislava, 41, Sydney